Allow us to introduce to you the best moving company in the Oakland area.

We are your go-to business if you are considering relocating. Whether you are only thinking about moving, you can contact our Customer Service team, and we can help you organize, set up, visualize and ease the stress your mind is creating when thinking about moving; or you have everything in place for the moving process, we are here for you.

Oakland moving company carefully selects and trains all of our members and each, and every one of us has a specific skill that rounds off and creates a fast, smart, hard-working and reliable team.

What we provide you will not find in any of our competitor companies. We offer a complete inventory of all of your items, careful, safe and easy transfer of your stuff and, of course, wrapping, labeling, packing and unpacking services.

You will not be disappointed if you arrange your relocation with us because we will listen to every suggestion and desire you have and we always manage to find the best and fastest way to migrate to a second location.

Your move may be local or long distance but either way, we offer specialized vehicles, correctly selected crew and safe and secure transfer for your things. Trucks come in various sizes, depending on the needs of our clients; we have heavyweight trucks that are suitable for size-able furniture, grand pianos and any other big and bulky items. Also, we provide normal-sized trucks or vans for quick and close relocation.

You will be amazed how fast, organized and secure this transfer will be with Oakland MC. Our team members do everything for you: pack, arrange, mark off, carry, safely load and unload all of the things and we put them in the spot you picked in your new location.

For a reasonable price, you get assiduous crew that does it all in a record period. Our Customer Service Representatives are always at your service for any questions or thoughts that you have before, during or after our agreement. If you have items that are just crowding your space and you don’t have anywhere to place them – we have the answer!

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Storage facility

Let us introduce to you our fantastic storage facility where you can store anything from A to Z with 24h access. Everything you imagine and anything big or small that you own we can fit and secure until you need it again. With a unique key, you will be able to access your items any time of day or night for a small monthly fee.

Our company is always up to date, and we follow the latest technology trends which help us learn and evolve with the fast-growing world. If you are considering moving your office space, we are the team for you. Our business is built on our team members and satisfied clients, so we provide an exceptional team of motivated people specializing in office relocation.

We grant discretion and reliability in this serious moving process, and we can guarantee that your documents or any other valuables are in safe hands. You give us a call, and we can make a plan, and you can be confident that everything we agreed on will be honored accordingly. Having us having your back when moving is the best move you can make.

Call us and plan your perfect transfer as of today. Oakland Moving Company, is there to support, arrange, plan and execute the entire process of moving with us as convenient as it can be.

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